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The Buddies Behind SnakeBuddies…. Who are they anyway?!?

We are fast approaching 5 years since the inception of SnakeBuddies. We have come a long way, since having the vision of creating a site to highlight our passion for snakes and other reptiles, while educating others about these amazing … Continue reading

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Halloween Critter Overload! – Amazing Orange and Black Reptiles and Amphibians

This gallery contains 36 photos.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all of our SnakeBuddies, followers and friends. We have had a blast, sharing our Halloween Herp of the Day images over the last couple of weeks on our FaceBook page, but now that the big day … Continue reading

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Stung by a Poisonous Snake?! Venom vs. Poison

This article was inspired by Kimberly, who is the wife of our resident SnakeBuddy, Gavin. When Gavin and I are out looking for critters, knee-deep in Cheat Grass, Sagebrush and desert sand, the title above is the text message Kimberly likes … Continue reading

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Snake Temple – Home of the Wagler’s Pit Viper

Disclaimer: We do not intentionally poke fun of other people’s cultural or religious beliefs. We are simply snake fans, and we enjoy educating others about the many truths and myths regarding snakes. We apologize in advance, if any portion of the following … Continue reading

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Is this Snake Venomous? What to Look for when Dealing with Snakes.

Despite the inherent fear that many people face, when a snake crosses their path, wildlife respecting people will often ask themselves, “How do I know if this snake is dangerous or harmless?” As snake conservationists, we appreciate and respect the people … Continue reading

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Beautiful Snakes by the Dozen!

Slimy, ugly, disgusting, gross, evil, creepy and scary are among the first adjectives used by most, to describe snakes. My experience, is that many people feel that “ugly” creatures do not deserve our attention or conservation efforts. We smash spiders … Continue reading

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The Spider-Tailed Adder – Pseudocerastes urarachnoides

You all know that I love snakes, and if you’ve read more than one of my posts, you likely realize that venomous snakes are my passion. As much as I love snakes, however, there are some animals that completely creep … Continue reading

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