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“Snake at the Dentist” Free Desktop Wallpaper

In celebration of all of our new fans, we wanted to thank you by giving you this free wallpaper graphic we created. Feel free to download it, and share a link to this article for all of your own SnakeBuddies.  … Continue reading

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Is this Snake Venomous? What to Look for when Dealing with Snakes.

Despite the inherent fear that many people face, when a snake crosses their path, wildlife respecting people will often ask themselves, “How do I know if this snake is dangerous or harmless?” As snake conservationists, we appreciate and respect the people … Continue reading

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Red and Yellow Kills a Fellow? Your Identification Guide to Tri-color snakes.

Only 4 families of venomous snakes exist in the United States. These are the rattlesnakes, Copperheads, Water Moccasins (Cotton Mouths), and the Coral snakes. For the purpose of this article, we will concentrate on Coral Snakes and some of their … Continue reading

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