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The Only Good Snake is a Dead Snake??? Of Course Not!

Before you think we’ve completely lost it, please read the entire article below: We hope that you are familiar enough with us by now, to know that we are NOT advocating the slaughter of Pandas! Virtually all people, including SnakeBuddies, … Continue reading

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The Buddies Behind SnakeBuddies…. Who are they anyway?!?

We are fast approaching 5 years since the inception of SnakeBuddies. We have come a long way, since having the vision of creating a site to highlight our passion for snakes and other reptiles, while educating others about these amazing … Continue reading

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King Cobra and Your Latin word of the day.

Ophiophagus Pronunciation:  /ˌō-fē-ˈäf-ə-gəs/ If you’ve ever delved deeper than the very surface of any non-domestic animal hobby (i.e. salt water fish, birds, insects etc.) you have very likely found yourself amongst people throwing out Latin terms as part of their … Continue reading

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Why does it have to be Snakes???

I can’t imagine that anyone wakes up one morning and thinks, “Gosh, I’m going to devote all of my free time to swinging a metal stick at a diminutive dimpled ball for fun!”, or “Gee, I think my new hobby … Continue reading

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