Halloween Critter Overload! – Amazing Orange and Black Reptiles and Amphibians

halloween herps

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all of our SnakeBuddies, followers and friends. We have had a blast, sharing our Halloween Herp of the Day images over the last couple of weeks on our FaceBook page www.facebook.com/SnakeBuddies.net, but now that the big day has finally arrived, we wanted to go big.

Although the image above, is one that we created in PhotoShop, who wouldn’t love a Candy Corn Ball Python morph? However, we are here to show you that Mother Nature is the true artist, and hope that you will appreciate the REAL Halloween-colored critters we have added below. You may not find them to be all that spooky, but we think you will agree that they are amazing!

This is one of our favorite holidays, and we hope you’ll enjoy this post, as much as we enjoyed creating it. We’ll keep the text short, and the images big, as we know you all have busy evenings ahead of you.

Have a very SAFE and Happy Halloween, and don’t forget to…

Educate.  Inspire.  Conserve.



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