Holiday Gifts for your Snake Lover – All on Etsy

Holiday Gifts for your Snake Lover – All on Etsy

If you’re having a hard time finding something to buy for that person in your life, that is fascinated by snakes, we understand. It doesn’t seem fair that Black Friday is a source for discounts on coffee makers, tablets, shoes and grills, but  none of these deal-offering retailers are thinking about your your need to find something thoughtful, unique and reptile-themed, for your loved one.

Well, we feel your pain, and we have a solution. If you aren’t already aware, Etsy is an on-line marketplace where people around the world connect to buy and sell unique goods. Many of these items are hand-crafted by artisans looking for a practical and affordable way to market their wares, without opening a store front shop. Granted, as with any on-line marketplace, you can expect to find products ranging in tastes from dispicable to beautifully original, and in price from dirt cheap to “Are you confusing me for royalty?”

That said, we have spent several hours scouring literally thousands of snake-related products, and are pleased to introduce you to some of the ones that we think might hit the mark on your shopping list. The best part, is that all of these items can be purchased on-line through Etsy, so not only can you avoid fighting traffic and mobs at the mall, you don’t even have to visit more than one webiste! We would like to add that because many of these products are hand-made by individuals, quantities may be limited, so if something you want becomes unavailable, try a quick search for similar items.

Keep in mind that SnakeBuddies does not sell any products on Etsy or elsewhere. Nor are we endorsing any of these items. We simply picked them based on our subjective tastes for variety, uniqueness, and style. Be aware that although we may only highlight a handful of one type of product, there could be hundreds available, so feel free to browse on your own a bit, if the ones we picked aren’t for you.

Lastly, we want to call your attention to the fact that many of the snake-related products on Etsy (despite possibly looking cool) are made from real snakes. We have not included any of these products in our list, and we ask you to consider avoiding these products as well. A real snake enthusiast isn’t likely to love a product made from the animal he or she adores anyway.  Some of these retailers claim to only use snakes that were found dead on the highway, but without proof of this, we feel it best to simply buy something else.

For your convenience, we have tagged each image with a caption, that will tell you the price of the item, and give you a direct link to the item on Etsy. You will notice that each of the categories, is sorted from least expensive to most expensive as well. We hope this helps.

Thanks, and let the shopping ensue!

For the Toy Enthusiasts

There are not a ton of snake-related toys, but we thought these 3 puzzles were pretty cool. Our favorite of the bunch, is the natural wood one, with the little mouse inside.


For the Hungry

Okay, so we don’t know who buys cookies on-line, and these are kind of expensive, but don’t they look amazing, and delicious? Some reptile fan with a sweet tooth is sure to love them.

For the Harry Potter Fans

Honestly, who of us would really pick Gryffindor over Slytherin?

For the Fans of Home Decor

Here is a somewhat broad selection of household decorations and trinkets that are sure to appeal to one of your snake friends.

For Your Phone

Need something a little snazzier for your phone? There were not a ton of snake prints available, but until now, we were unaware that these were even available.


For Writers

Are you shopping for a snake fan that likes to write or draw? These items would offer a personalized touch, and be a Holiday present favorite.

For the Vintage Collectors

Remember back in the day, when we were told to cut the wound and suck out the venom, if we were ever bitten by a snake. Well, those days are past, and we now know that the only first aid we administer, is a phone call to 911, and seeking immediate medical treatment. However, these vintage kits are great mementos for remembering the good ol’ days.

For Him

We’re not suggesting that snake guys like booze and black tie affairs, but oddly enough, these were the primary gift options on Etsy, specifically suited for the fellas.


For Her Neck

Etsy is nearly wall-to-wall jewelry, so there is plenty to choose from for the fashion-seeking ladies.

For Her Ears

Here is a sampling of earrings, guages and cuffs to help dress of the lobes of the special snake-loving ladies in your life.

For Her Wrist

It may be against company policy to wear your Ball Python around your wrist at work, but these bracelets are both fashionable, and work-appropriate.

For Her Fingers

If you liked it, then you should have put one of these rings on it!

For the High Rollers

This category is reserved for all of the items we thought were really cool, but that cost over $100. Some of them are still a good value, and somewhat affordable, but we felt the more expensive items should have their own category. If they are out of reach for your budget, you can always put these on your own wish lists for that rich uncle you have.

That’ll do it folks. We hope that we have been able to give you some ideas, and possibly save you a little time. Thanks for being amazing followers, and feel free to share this article with your snake-loving friends. Remember to like us on Facebook at, and follow us on Twitter at

Enjoy your holiday season, and don’t forget to Educate.  Inspire.  Conserve. 


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