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Why does it have to be Snakes???

I can’t imagine that anyone wakes up one morning and thinks, “Gosh, I’m going to devote all of my free time to swinging a metal stick at a diminutive dimpled ball for fun!”, or “Gee, I think my new hobby … Continue reading

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Rattlesnakes of Arizona

So Shaun Vought and I, are planning a trip to Arizona in a few weeks and I found myself flipping through some old photographs from my trip last year. Anyone who is passionate about seeing snakes in the wild, knows … Continue reading

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Introducing Snake Buddies

Greetings folks, and thanks for visiting our blog! SnakeBuddies is a cooperative venture amongst a couple of friends and I, to inform, educate and perpetuate safety and conservation of our native reptiles. In addition to being good friends with several … Continue reading

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About Snake Buddies

  We (Shaun Vought, Gavin Beck and Jamison Hensley) have been great friends and “snake buddies” since the day we met. We are passionate about field-herpetology and spreading awareness of our creepy-crawly friends. We love going out and observing snakes and other wildlife … Continue reading

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