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Snake Snowflake Printable Template

If you’re like us (and who isn’t?), when you fondly reflect upon the frigid bite of the frost-bedazzled holiday season, the first things that come to mind, are the Winter-loving snakes of the World. Oddly however, snakes are rarely the subject of … Continue reading

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The Only Good Snake is a Dead Snake??? Of Course Not!

Before you think we’ve completely lost it, please read the entire article below: We hope that you are familiar enough with us by now, to know that we are NOT advocating the slaughter of Pandas! Virtually all people, including SnakeBuddies, … Continue reading

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LEAVE THEM WHERE THEY ARE! Don’t take wild animals home as pets, and don’t release pet animals into the wild.

By David E. Jensen A friend of mine told me of a lady he knows whose young son caught a horned lizard on a family outing and brought it home. Confronted with the reality that it eats ants, the woman … Continue reading

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The Buddies Behind SnakeBuddies…. Who are they anyway?!?

We are fast approaching 5 years since the inception of SnakeBuddies. We have come a long way, since having the vision of creating a site to highlight our passion for snakes and other reptiles, while educating others about these amazing … Continue reading

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Discovery’s “Eaten Alive” – A New Low in Snake Documentaries

We write this post in the wake of the “Eaten Alive” episode that aired last night in the U.S., on the Discovery Channel. We have struggled to determine what – if anything, we should say about it. We made several … Continue reading

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Holiday Gifts for your Snake Lover – All on Etsy

If you’re having a hard time finding something to buy for that person in your life, that is fascinated by snakes, we understand. It doesn’t seem fair that Black Friday is a source for discounts on coffee makers, tablets, shoes and grills, but  none of … Continue reading

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Halloween Critter Overload! – Amazing Orange and Black Reptiles and Amphibians

This gallery contains 36 photos.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all of our SnakeBuddies, followers and friends. We have had a blast, sharing our Halloween Herp of the Day images over the last couple of weeks on our FaceBook page, but now that the big day … Continue reading

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Can the Death of One Endangered Tortoise Help Save the Lives of Others?

We apologize for posting this gruesome image, but we feel strongly that it needs to be seen. We took this photograph a couple of years ago, while on a quick outing, after an exhausting day, at a work convention in Orlando, … Continue reading

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Definitely Don’t Tread on Me! – The Poo Mimic

Apparently the Formosa Slug Snake’s best defense is to mimic a pile of poo.

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“The Snake Pit”- Free Halloween Desktop Wallpaper

It’s Wallpaper Wednesday, and Halloween is just around the corner! Enjoy this week’s free desktop wallpaper.  Feel free to download it, and share a link to this post with all of your own SnakeBuddies. How to download wallpaper: Click on the appropriate wallpaper size … Continue reading

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