Snake Snowflake Printable Template

If you’re like us (and who isn’t?), when you fondly reflect upon the frigid bite of the frost-bedazzled holiday season, the first things that come to mind, are the Winter-loving snakes of the World. Oddly however, snakes are rarely the subject of traditional holiday decor. We are just as frustrated by this injustice as you are, and as your trusted and loyal content creators of all things snakey, we have developed the perfect solution.

Nothing says, “Happy Holidays”, like two intertwined snakes in stocking caps, kissing betwixt majestic evergreen trees. We spent countless, painstaking hours, creating this hand-crafted, custom-designed Snake Snowflake, and we are confident that it will be just the thing to freshen things up around your home or office during the holidays.

We have provided you with a link to our printable template below, so that you can make your very own snake snowflakes. However, we remind you that this snowflake is not for beginners. Before you find yourself elbow deep in paper cuts, soldering irons and Liquid Plumber, please take a moment to watch this brief video of our resident expert Gavin Beck, as he demonstrates exactly how to create this beautiful, one-of-a-kind masterpiece.



We extend our heart-felt wishes of peace, joy and happiness to you and yours this holiday season! Please accept our sincere appreciation for your kindness, support and friendship.

Educate.  Inspire.  Conserve.

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