Introducing Snake Buddies

Greetings folks, and thanks for visiting our blog! SnakeBuddies is a cooperative venture amongst a couple of friends and I, to inform, educate and perpetuate safety and conservation of our native reptiles. In addition to being good friends with several common interests, we all LOVE snakes. Amongst the three of us we have over half a century worth of field herpetology experience and decades worth of expertise keeping and breeding snakes as a hobby and side business.

Snakes, as a natural resource, are on the decline due to urbanization of habitat, pollution, the unfortunate slaughter by snake-fearing people, the introduction of invasive species and over-collection by the pet trade. Our goal is to help increase awareness of things we can do to make a positive impact and to breed healthy, quality and unique animals to sell to others to help minimize the need to take snakes out of the wild.

We hope to create an environment here, and on our upcoming website, where all people will be able to come and learn something, no matter who you are. Through photos, trip reports, and the sharing of our observations and techniques, we hope to shed light on the fact that snakes have a very unique purpose in our world and that they deserve our respect.

We hope to offer fun, exciting and educational content here that you will find interesting and informative and invite you to reach out to us should you have any questions or concerns about the slithery critters in your backyard or in terrariums in your home.

Here is a photo taken on 07/18/2010. Pictured here is a wild Great Basin Rattlesnake in Utah. The photo serves as a reminder to us all that most snakes fill the important niche of preying on mice and rats, which both carry disease and consume or contaminate millions of dollars worth of grain and food intended for human use. Without these scaly serpents, we would be in a world of hurt.

Great Basin Rattlesnake eating a Kangaroo RatThanks all!

Snake Buddies

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  1. Cindy Cable says:

    Hi I was give a snake to petsit nd the owner hasnt come back for it nor can i reach him can someone one here please tell me what species of snake im dealing with. I cant find a match online and the prople at the pet shop were not sure. I have plenty of photos I can email you. Thank you!!!

    • Hi Cindy,

      Feel free to shoot me an email with some photos, and I should be able to tell you what you’ve got.



  2. Debi says:

    I’m one of those snake-fearing people, and while I can’t imagine ever really enjoying them, I’d like to move toward a respect that is healthier for all involved. Meanwhile, I live in a place with snakes. I’m considering options other than slaughter — I really do hate killing animals — but don’t know what to do instead, and am still a little too freaked out by them to manage them well. So I’m searching for two things. First, I’m looking for someone who can help me (and maybe a few friends, if they’re willing, and their kids) become more comfortable and skilled in dealing humanely with these critters. Second, if we manage to do that, is there an appropriate way to find them a new home? I live in Layton and, as far as I know, these snakes are the harmless garden-variety kinds.

    • Hi Debi! I live in Layton as well, and about the only snakes I see in our town, are Garter snakes. I travel quite a bit, but if I am in town, would be happy to drop by and remove a few snakes, and/or try to help you come to terms with them. Give me a call, and I’ll see if me and perhaps one of my kids can come by.


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